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This is an archive of equipment our staff has worked on over the years and is used as a sample of our broad professional experience. Check out automation equipment by industry from selections on the right. Lots of multimedia, click on the pictures to enlarge, or to play video clips of equipment in action.

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General Industrial Machinery

2.8 MB wmv video, web scanner
Roofing Material Web Thickness and Granularity Scanner. Fully automated dual laser scanner continuously traverses flowing web material to analyze for thickness, feature extraction and measurement of granularity. Uses high-end Keyence laser displacement transducers to obtain very precise web material features at 320 FPM, feeding data to a PC in real-time. Software uses complex vision analysis techniques to extract multiple thickness measurements across the web, mat width, salvage strip width and even granularity of the surface texture, accurate to 0.0001" (0.1 mil). Correlates production temperature, line speed and other process flow characteristics to achieve trending analysis for multiple products being run. Designed to match or exceed industry process measurement specifications for every roll; Now each roll is fully characterized with logged results archived forever.

13.5 MB video RFID chip assembly RFID Antenna Assembly System. Singulates unique RFID chips from Kapton tape and places onto metallic screen printed Mylar, then applies Tampo-printed metallic ink at connection points. Handles input and output heavy reels of Mylar film and micro-positions antennas for chip placement. Selectable product types. Anti-static construction. Keyence PLC controlled.

bath Cigarette Tax Indicia Marking System. High speed conveyorized line accepts sealed cigarette cartons, opens them, puts a label on each of the 10 cigarette packs, applies an encrypted unique 3D bar code to each pack using ink jet printers, applies individual strips of hot glue and seals up the carton. Nominal speed is 100 cartons per minute. Provides an alternate tax indicia other than the hot transfer tax stamp decals. The new indicia provides tracking and verification for use by government taxing agencies. Reduces tax fraud and counterfeiting. Smart conveyor line eliminates carton damage. Stand alone version, as well as version designed for replacement and integration into existing tax stamping line.

Zulu Game Pad Test System Up close of Zulu tester Game Pad Calibration and Test. PC accessories industry. Fixture designed to calibrate and test game pad devices for computer games and mouse emulation. Systems move and analyzes a new game pad and computes calibration settings. Also performs full testing of this USB device in a production environment. See Microsoft SideWinder for product description.

{short description of image} {short description of image} {short description of image}Aqueous Cleaning Line. Machining Industry. Conveyor line slowly runs parts through a high pressure, steam cleaning process, followed by a heated air blowoff tunnel. Tight control of heated water and cleaning detergent, along with volume buffer holding tanks. Mechanisms at each end of the line orient parts correctly. Recirculating filters strip away metals and all contaminants.

HP CPA handler system Cart rear view CPA sputtering chamber Click for Drawing Click for Drawing CPA Sputtering Automation. Ink-jet printer manufacturing. Factory system consists of a central loading machine, roll around-carts, and sputtering system loaders. Automated docking station accepts roll-around carts and loads it with 30 pallets of 4 glass plates each. Operator then rolls cart to sputtering systems, where cart is again docked there and pallets unloaded automatically into sputtering chamber. Ultra reliability and cleanliness is imperative, as sputtered components become the ink jet head active component. Class 100 clean room.

1.0 Meg, 7 second movie309K video819Kb video  Teleoperated Maintenance Equipment Robotics (TAMER). Construction equipment. Commercialized product-packaged hydraulic and electrical control of heavy construction equipment using computerized RF remote controllers. Controllers use virtual operator cab and walk-around backpacks. Full integration of all tractor features and operations, redundant safety systems. Designed to protect operators in extreme conditions such as clearing mud slides, avalanches, floods and road hazards. Handles extreme blizzard conditions to high heat. In use by CalTrans.

Click for Drawing Machining Center for Water Jet Cutter. Machine tool industry. A heavy duty overhead gantry system for full control of a water jet cutting and milling head. High power servo motors on planar X-Y axis moves at speeds to 250ips using computerized path contouring NC package. Z axis controllable. Work envelope is 4 foot square. Fully enclosed boxed cell uses plastic shields, vortex vacuum port, and exhaust fans to control water spray and steam generation during cutting. All mechanisms and ways are boxed and pressurized to eliminate water penetration and corrosion. Unit measures 6 feet square and 10 feet tall. Internal steel bucket holds 3 cubic feet of ball bearings, along with replaceable work surface grates. Superstructure of welded 4 inch square tubular steel, 0.5 inch thick. Frame milled whole to obtain extreme positional tolerances. Laser interferometer measurements of mechanical accuracy better than 1.0 mil over work surface. Designed and produced as an OEM product for a major water jet cutting supplier.

Click for Drawing Electronic Key Trimming System. Machine tool industry. Complete computerized routing machining system for trimming and cutting printed circuit traces on credit-card sized electronic keys used in advanced security systems. Multi-frequency keys trimmed mechanically in real time while measurements being taken. Four motorized X-Y-Z high speed router motor stages selectively trims printed circuit coils with 1.0 mil accuracy. Mechanical scrub cleaning, machine vision, bar code tracking, conveyor indexing, flip stations and frequency verification integrated.

Electronic Key Punch and Form Tool. Machine tool industry. Computerized machining system accepts credit-card sized security keys in a stack, singulates onto a walking beam track, mills 6 precision variable depth holes, then die punches reverse side to make indentation in fiberglass printed circuit material for SMD capacitor placement. High speed gang-drill head integrated. Fast throughput.

Sealant Kitting Line. Aerospace industry. Computerized epoxy filling and labeling line for producer of commercial aircraft. Conveyorized line accepts plastic, glass or metal bottles to be filled on a rotating product entry table, then singulates bottles through each station. First station injects a measured amount of epoxy compound into the bottle. Second station takes vibratory bowl fed plastic inserts and picks and places the insert into the top of the bottle. Third station fills insert with second epoxy compound. Bottles pass through capper then through an ink-jet printer and label applicator. Filled, sealed and labeled bottles retrieved from rotating exit table, at rate of 12 per minute. Line is 60 feet long and incorporates many existing process machines. Fully computer monitored for loss of product, equipment jams and failures, empty input areas, QA inspection at each station. Configurable by customer for many different bottle sizes, as well as various epoxies, sealants, caps, inserts and labels. High reliability required based on use of end product as structural sealant in commercial aircraft. Fiber optic sensors and sealed motors implemented throughout the explosive fumes areas. System UL and safety approved.

Balloon Valve Handler. Commercial children's balloon manufacturer. Handler accepts rolls of plastic internal balloon air valves, indexes sheet, then precision cuts single valve. Presents valve by vacuum pick and place to heat-staking machine for inclusion into balloon.

bath Cleaning Bath. Recirculating, temperature controlled fluorocarbon bath for cleaning electronics components. Timer, precise +-1 degree temperature control of liquid. Heated tank and pumps mounted below surface. Vapor recovery and recondensing back into tank.

3D Mold Modeler Machine. Toy manufacturing. Machine controls an X-Y-Z overhead gantry to follow a 3D AutoCAD file to create wax molds, in a thin, layer by layer buildup. Resulting 3D molds match the intended 3D CAD image, and are used to form molds for children's plastic toys.


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