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This is an archive of equipment our staff has worked on over the years and is used as a sample of our broad professional experience. Check out automation equipment by industry from selections on the right. Lots of multimedia, click on the pictures to enlarge, or to play video clips of equipment in action.

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Note: Most biotech, genomic and medical device automation is highly proprietary and is omitted here.
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical

chemtrak 3 chemtrak 1 chemtrak 2 Cholesterol Test Kit Assembly Machine. Biotechnology industry. Multi-station rotary table indexer sequentially assembles punched glass fiber and other material into the plastic housing of a consumer cholesterol test kit. Custom precision die punches and reel material feeders. FDA cGMP. Allen Bradley PLC.

chemtrak 3 chemtrak 1 NAP Tube Rinser. Genetic discovery industry. Six stations each accept a rack of 96 NAP tube syringes and applies a set amount of DI water into each tube, waits for the tubes to drain and continually repeats to rinse tubes. Each station independent. Keyence PLC control, low voltage and safety devices for wet environment.

  Tube Column Press. Biotech materials. Device fully presses plastic columns and internal frits onto 96 column trays. Adjustable for various column heights and frit sizes.

drugs734K, 5 second movie 928K, 8 second movie Drug Net Weight Checker. Pharmaceutical application. Automation for an existing filling line of small glass vials to remove a vial before filling, and swap it with a pre-weighed vial using dual gripper design on a moving conveyor at 300 vials per minute. Picked vial then gets weighed on Mettler balance, tare weight computer recorded, and placed back into line and filled with injectable drug. Second arm removes same vial, now filled, weighs it and records net weight of liquid. Shielded digital balances on pneumatically dampened granite blocks to eliminate vibration and air currents affecting 0.001 gram resolution. Strict FDA cGMP guidelines followed for particulate generation and bio-contaminant suppression in a very critical injectable drug production aseptic environment. Genetically engineered drug demands close supervision of fill weight. Various alarms, color graphics control screens, dual operator stations, PLC controls. FDA approved. UL approved. Software FDA validated.

HST Block. Biotech analysis. High throughput sequencer block holds multiple needles for sequencing operations. Locks directly onto bio-robot systems.

Click for Drawing Wafer Processing Line. Biotechnology industry. Silicon wafer processing line for placing a bio-active chemical reagent onto wafers. Completed wafer die is used in a diagnostic kit to detect strep. Remove water submerged wafers from a 25 slot quartz carrier resting in a tank and singulate into a spin rinsing station. Spin dry the linearly pass wafer on to next station. Apply bio-chemical reagent onto center of individual dies using high speed servo XY stage and modified inking head. Detect die streets using laser scanner for alignment. Next station is simply a buffer to allow a drying time and uses an elevator to hold 50 wafers. Next station is a spin rinser applying a liquid stabilizer in a controlled pattern on the wafer. Final station loads wafers into a 25 slot standard wafer cassette. Computer control over all process parameters.

Software for Oligo Patch Printing Machine. Biotechnology & genetic discovery. Prints ultra small dots of 10 different oligos into spiral channels of a plastic sample card. High speed Aerotech platen control, Coreco and Sherlock machine vision integration, real-time control of micro XY paths, real-time control of 32 individual and separate micro valves handling aspiration and dispense, clean and wash process of ceramic pipette tips and fully automated running control to handle 10 cards at a time.

Fluid Filling and Capping System for Drug Analysis. Pharmaceutical industry. Automatically picks six glass vials from a box and singulates into an escapement. Vials then filled with liquid simultaneously. Capping station is next. All six vials then picked and placed into a tray holding 300 vials. Tray is automatically indexed to next available position. System operates at 100 glass vials per minute.

Drug Analysis Cards & Dots. Pharmaceutical industry. System de-coils fragile litmus paper and either prints data on the entire paper section index or just on a small area intended to be a dot. Next station punches holes. If for dot type analysis, the dots are collected in an anti-static funnel and deposited into a glass bottle, and eventually capped and sealed. A third station trims scrap from the litmus paper card. Operates at 40 bottles per minute.

Software sample Software Development. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry. We have a vast amount of experience in developing just your software for various types of projects. From re-writes of simple software to make a machine easier to operate, to integration of plate readers with handling machines and pipettors, to fully automated robotics handling sample preparation or clone picking using various well plates or slides. We develop Visual Basic applications for your operators in production environments allowing them to not worry about complex scripted processes, and instead simply and efficiently run equipment. Link your programs with corporate databases, perform automatic emailing of alerts and archived logged equipment info, and perform remote monitoring of production floor processes.

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