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This is an archive of equipment our staff has worked on over the years and is used as a sample of our broad professional experience. Check out automation equipment by industry from selections on the right. Lots of multimedia, click on the pictures to enlarge, or to play video clips of equipment in action.

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Hard Disk Drives

Complete system view, 22.45MB QuickTime movie Tool assembly view, 17.65MB Quicktime movie Drive assy nest view, 7.50MB QuickTime movieDrive Assembly. Hard disk drive industry. Fully automated multi-platter drive assembly. Three sequential workcells, working independently yet synchronized to assemble various hard disk drive products. Class 100 clean room certified. Integrated with high accuracy Mitsubishi robots. Triple end effectors, direct transport of drives via robots to reduce mechanism complexity and contamination potential. Laser barcode readers track drives through process interfacing with factory computer. Laser displacement transducer automated calibration of mechanisms. Single PC host runs all robots and other integrated assembly tools.

2 Meg, 16 second movie 2 Meg, 16 second movieHard Disk Drive Test Facility. Hard disk drive industry. Fully automated production facility to final test and sort hard disk drives. System composed of 3 conveyor lines running for 88 feet through 13 modular gantry robots. These high precision (+-0.002"), high speed (16-75 ips) overhead robot pick and place assemblies (some over 75 lbs.) were mounted within an aluminum framework (SKF) for picking hard disk drives (HDD) from an input conveyor and carefully placing into one of 64 testers. Each robot module services up to six testers. Robots are X, Y, Z and Theta driven by Compumotors. Largest gantry robot work envelope is 12' L, 6' W, 4' H. The line is divided into sections: PMA exercise, bulk erase, servo-write and servo-validate. Good HDDs continue to the next section. Failed HDDs are placed onto the reject conveyor lane. HDDs travel in small plastic totes for ease of transport: the robotic end-effector is capable of grasping the tote holding the HDD; vacuum cups hold just the HDD during transport. A nest area at each tester station is used for separating the HDD from its tote. Full computer interface to each tester via serial RS232 was accomplished. A unique serial interface at each module is used for the service technician to plug a portable PC AT into that module's diagnostic features. Real-time dynamic computer scheduling of HDDs to testers from conveyor for optimum throughput efficiency. Graphical control room display. Complete bar code tracking per module for every HDD on the line. Fully certified and installed in a Class 10 clean room facility. Throughput is 15 seconds per HDD. Installation and start-up in Singapore.

{short description of image}1.4 MEG, 11 second movieHard Disk Drive Assembly Automation. Hard disk drive industry. System is 80 foot conveyor (SKF) with 10 incorporated pick and place assemblies to transfer a sequentially assembled pallet of HDD components from one station to the next. The pick and place assemblies exchanged a new pallet with a complete pallet via a high precision rotary table (+-0.001"). Computerized real-time scheduling of pallets into redundant stations and exiting of rework and failed pallets on a single conveyor line resulted in meeting tight specs of 15 seconds per assembled HDD. Separate conveyor system indexes sub-pallets (holding screws) through four robot stations. Full bar code tracking at every station. Full serial robot interface at all stations. Separate rework station was also accomplished to allow database retrieval, via bar code, of partially assembled pallets and rescheduling back into the main line. Graphical control room CRT display. Specially designed mechanical motions to smooth partially assembled HDDs from jarring and exceeding G-force specs. Class 10 clean room compatible. Pre-installation and qualification in Oregon; breakdown and re-installation in Singapore.

HDA Drive Production Data Collection System. Disk drive industry. Software based data collection and tracking for entire facility in the production of HDA's. Uses laser scanners searching bar code labels for tracking on an automated conveyor line and at various operator workstations. Single server on Novell network with many stations inside and outside clean room. Stations include teardown, failure analysis, 3 levels of assembly areas, kitting, labeling, cartoning, servo-write, final test, burn-in, initialization. Automatically integrates various types of existing test equipment into the network and extracts real-time test information per HDA. Software based on Borland Paradox database program, with direct integration using C++ API Paradox Database Engine. Each station tailored to operator functions. Real-time report generation on 50,000 HDA's simultaneously. Installed in ex-Soviet Eastern European country.

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