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This is an archive of equipment our staff has worked on over the years and is used as a sample of our broad professional experience. Check out automation equipment by industry from selections on the right. Lots of multimedia, click on the pictures to enlarge, or to play video clips of equipment in action.

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Note: Most fiber optic automation is highly proprietary and is omitted here.
Fiber Optic Production Tools

Fiber Optic Component Die Attach Research and Production Tool. Fiber optic semiconductor industry. Unit automatically picks laser die from gel packs, applies conductive adhesive, and places onto a tiny ceramic PCB. Dies measure 300 microns per side. Accuracy of mechanical system is 0.1 micron. Uses Aerotech precision calibrated stages. Coreco machine vision with Sherlock software. Multiple cameras provide various views and automated positioning through the machine vision system. All die positioning and pickup chuck locations computed automatically, nothing inferred. UV curable glue for die bonding with UV positioning arm and EFD dispensing system. Complete integrated computer control using VB software and touch screen interfacing. Systems also adapted for 8 gelpak assembly, and as die rework stations.

  Optical Lens Test and Sorting Pick and Place Platform. Fiber optic industry. Adept Cobra 600 robot with integrated vision picks tiny lenses out of trays, places into a test system, and retrieves and sorts completed and binned devices. Vibration isolation between the tester unit and the robot handler using optical breadboard tables. HEPA filter laminar flow. Open work area protected by light curtain technology. Ultra-sensitive touch-levered vacuum pickup tip for the 1 mm cubed filters. All sort data transferred using networked communications on a PC with Visual Basic. Replaceable production trays with waffle packs.

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