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This is an archive of equipment our staff has worked on over the years and is used as a sample of our broad professional experience. Check out automation equipment by industry from selections on the right. Lots of multimedia, click on the pictures to enlarge, or to play video clips of equipment in action.

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motorola1 Click for Drawing motorola2 motorola3 motorola4Accelerometer IC Test System, Type 1. Semiconductor industry. Automated pick and place transfer line through three sequential, adjacent environmental test heads, thoroughly tests critical automobile airbag initiator IC devices. The three temperature chambers are custom designed to pre-heat or pre-cool the DIP devices to -40C, +80C and ambient. Each test head is attached to shaker table coils to vibrate the devices under test. Multiple pick and place robots transfer devices through the test areas and back into tubes after sorting. Interface to testers and vibratory shaker system. Final section provides laser mark of components. Installed in South Korea.

{short description of image} Click for Drawing {short description of image}Burn-in Board Loader. Chip manufacturer. Two high speed gantries share the same workspace to unload Jedec trays of 32-pin TSOP chips, and place 4 at a time into 4 burn-in test cards, each with 64 sockets. Interfaces with 4 Novtek cyclers and server over Novell network. Automated tray stacker mechanism allows loading and unloading of process trays without interrupting the operation. Other systems have been built for SOIC and DIP chips, and integrating automated tube stackers and loaders.

TSOP Programming System. Cellular phone manufacturer. Input pick and place system loads 16 programmable 32-pin TSOP's into precisor plate. Next station loads all 16 devices into programming sockets. Last section removes all 16 chips back into Jedec trays.

{short description of image} Click for Drawing Click for Drawing Accelerometer IC Test System, Type 2. Semiconductor industry. Automated conveyor line through three sequential, adjacent environmental test chambers, with pick and place robotics, thoroughly tests critical automobile airbag initiator IC devices. The three large chambers are set at -40C, +80C and ambient. Each chamber also uses enormous shaker table coils to vibrate the devices under test. Automation passes trays full of up to 100 devices each, still in ceramic chip form, into special fixtures and then vibrates and simultaneously tests at temperature for up to 45 minutes. Component selection of pneumatic and conveyor components critical in this environment. Interface to host computer system via Novell network.

1.9 MEG, 13 second movieAutomated IC Programmer. Chip programming applications. This is a system to automatically program a variety of fine-pitch device packages for programmable IC's. It was developed primarily to handle fine-pitch packages such as TSOP, SOIC, TQFP. There is a single X,Y,Z Theta (rotation) gantry with a single suction cup, and the mechanism includes a socket opening mechanism. We can use Jedec trays or tubes or tape and reel. Options include machine vision chip registration, tape and reel options, laser marker option, programmed chip serialization, network access. Under exclusive license to Data I/O Corporation.

{short description of image} Off-Line Binner/Sorter. Supplies binning and sorting capability to a semiconductor test floor off line and away from the test handler. High speed system handles various types of trays simultaneously. Transfers 4 fine pitch devices at once using data from a host plant computer over TCP/IP SECS.

Click for Drawing IC Programmer & Laser Mark Handler. Chip programming applications. This is a system to automatically program and laser mark a variety of programmable IC's. It was developed primarily to handle fine-pitch packages using a precision pick and place approach. There are two independent Z axis suction cups on the gantry, and each also has a socket opening mechanism. Two heads are used to enable very quick device swapping by pick up of an existing chip, then immediate placement of a new chip. Use Jedec trays or tubes. Anybody's programmer can be utilized, and the most common are already integrated. The laser will mark any size part with any data or graphic.

580K, 4 second movie 1.11 MEG, 9 second moviePGA Hermetic Leak Test Handler. Semiconductor industry. Fully automated test system involves the operation of 3 sealable and heated test cells that sniff for residual chlorofluorocarbon fluid of pin grid array (PGA) semiconductor packages (hermetic leak test techniques), then correlates measured values to hermeticity leakage. Automation accepts continuously fed top stacked Jedec trays full of PGAs and loads each into the machine. A high-speed pick and place unit vacuum-picks four PGAs at a time and places them into a test cell, closes the cell and begins the heating, vacuum and sniff test sequence. Class 100 clean room compatibility, anti-static materials and attention to smoothed motion parameters allows full production of 80486 chips through this machine. System sorts completed PGAs back into trays. Prototype system also developed.

Toxic Gas Analyzer Electronics Package. Semiconductor industry. Full electronics automation package for integrating a modified gas flame spectrophotometry analyzer to sensing ppb levels of phosphine, arsine and diborane. Multiplexing sequencer sniffs up to 32 programmed environmental ports for dangerous levels of semiconductor process gas. Activates alarms and printed tape indicating alarm levels and conditions. Full diagnostics and computational self-calibration. Linked with HP-85 desktop computer via GPIB. Host computer interface available. Used as the world-wide semi standard for arsine processing based on super sensitive alarm indications of ppb level amounts.

Hot Bath Cleaner. Semiconductor industry. Fixture to heat a small liquid bath of fluorocarbon used in cleansing electronic hybrid modules. Unit tray rotates and has automated liquid fill and drain functions. Temperature control within +-1 deg. C.

Gas Cabinet Controller. Semiconductor industry. Complete electronics package for the control of a toxic gas safety cabinet. Used to monitor and control the purging of system components, replacement of gas cylinders, and all safety aspects. Certain critical circuit areas are redundant. LCD display, keyboard entry, daisy-chain capability, host PC AT accessible, bi-color LED lamps at front panel. Designed and produced as an OEM product. Used in semiconductor facilities in the distribution of highly toxic and pyrophoric gases such as silane, arsine, phosphine and diborane.

Facility Gas Distribution System. Semiconductor industry. Complete control system for an entire semiconductor processing facility used in the delivery of pyrophoric silane gas. System includes four redundant gas panel control boxes at an outside gas bunker, away from the facility. Controlled purging and replacement of silane gas cylinders, as well as control of delivery pressure and monitoring of all safety devices and alarms. Units configurable automatically for taking over in the event of low pressure at a supplying cylinder and switching to a new cylinder. Second system of Zone Cabinets within the facility further multiplexed and distributed the gas to various process equipment by providing these same operational features at the point of use. Computerized technology at all control areas.

1.3 Meg, 10 second movieIC Lead Frame Kapton Taper. Semiconductor industry. Fully automated dual Kapton tape applicator to various lead frames. Punch and die technique maximizes tape use. Linear transfer-through of frames via precision step-motors and registration of frame at each station. Heated, temperature controlled lower blocks. All machine parameters adjustable. Tamper end station.

B-Stage Epoxy Fabricator. Semiconductor industry. Fully automated machine accepts plastic gridded pallets full of metal VLSI IC lids, X-Y stage vacuum picks individual lids and places onto rotary index table. Successive stages contact lid and provide fast preheat. Specialized punch and die, along with French cutter, forms patterned adhesive from epoxy ribboned strips in reels. Reel take-up mechanism provides proper pulling torque to mechanically sensitive epoxy material. Die places epoxy tape on package, then other rotary stages begin cool down. Pick and place back into trays.

FPGA Programmer Handler. Semiconductor industry. High speed gantry handler removes QFP devices from Jedec trays and places into 40 programming sockets. Interface with UNIX Sun workstation via PC NFS and network to program up to 40 devices simultaneously. Dual vacuum pick-up cups increase throughput. Speed to 80ips, placement resolution to 1 mil. Class 100 clean room use. Can be set-up for various device sizes and grids of Jedec trays, as well as tube-to-tube use. Tray indexing and transfer stations allow top load operator stacking of Jedec trays.

Heat Sink Attacher. Semiconductor industry. Proprietary machine for very high speed loading of VLSI IC heat sinks for attachment to IC packages. Through-conveyors accept pallets holding components; fast pick and place mechanism transfers heatsink to device.

Lead Frame Handler and Stacker. Accepts completed die cut lead frames from punch press, stacks them, then transports to a cassette on a conveyor. Operator loads empty cassettes on one side of conveyor and receives cassettes loaded with stacked lead frames on the other side. Precision handling to avoid marring or denting delicate copper lead frames.

HT-1110 Automated Inker is designed to mark the defective areas of a silicon wafer for semiconductor manufacturing applications.

SonixAutomation for Ultrasonic Tester. OEM product for handling assembled semiconductor lead frame strips with an ultrasonic non destructive underwater test system. Singulates a lead frame strip from a stack, and places into a fixture underwater. After testing, removes the strip, dries it, marks it and restacks the strips.

On-Line IC Programmer. Telcom, personal computer, and network products are just some of the assembly line applications for this system. Linked directly into Universal SMT equipment. By communicating directly with a factory network, the unit can anticipate and program a unique code into each IC and deliver it to standard surface mount equipment.

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