Model HT-91108, with USB Interface

Microplate Orbital Shaker   

For Biotechnology, Genomics and Proteomics Processing
Our HT-91108 Microplate Orbital Shaker with USB Interface is designed to provide an orbital shaking motion for a single microplate, keeping liquids either gently stirred, violently vortexed or fully mixed and in-suspension. Link-up to any PC, robot controller, laptop or Windows tablet with a USB port. Rich ASCII command set with features such as programmable acceleration and velocity, precision auto-home positioning, status and velocity reporting, timed modes, scripts and complex shaking protocols. Drop in the ActiveX for your own development. Ultra thin profile and exact same footprint dimensions as a standard SBS wellplate.


  • Rotationally shakes a single microplate.
  • 0.5, 1 or 2 mm orbital motion.
  • Full and rich ASCII command set.
  • Low stirring speed to ultra vigorous mixing and vortexing speeds for viscous liquids; 60 to 3570 RPM.
  • 24 VDC power for safe and easy integration with other automation.
  • Cold running motor allows continuous operation, weeks at a time.
  • Small number of precision components for extreme reliability over years of use.
  • Plastic spring clips secure microplate; easy on and off for robots or lab staff.
  • Base is same size as microplate & fits onto robotic decks without modifications. No extra control boxes.
  • Ultra-precise home positioning every time.
  • Buzz mode for resuspending stubborn sediment.
  • Identical to HT-91100 shaker, but with USB interface.


This precision electronic shaker provides a tight 1 mm orbital pattern for standard 96 and 384 well plates and does not spill liquids at high speeds. It is designed with a programmable acceleration and velocity range of 60 to 3570 RPM, providing a gentle stirring motion for skin prevention, medium speeds to ensure liquids remain fully mixed and in suspension across all wells, and vortex mixing for sediment lift and re-suspension. Complex stirring protocols are a breeze.

The footprint of the unique HT-91108 Orbital Shaker is the same size as a standard well-plate, and drops in easily as a replacement platform for robotic deck plates. All the controls are fully within the tiny enclosure.


Its solid aluminum construction does not allow walking or bouncing, and the nickel plating ensures easy wipe down from all chemicals. It has a broad operating temperature range of 0 to 160 degrees F, and it has negligible temperature rise itself, allowing operation continuously in cold rooms without affecting plate contents, and directly inside incubators.

Designed originally to enhance existing automation and robotics for genome sequencing and archiving applications, its tiny size, standardized SBS microplate footprint and in-well mixing ability make it ideal for many biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and chemical applications. These shakers are built-in to OEM products on dozens of liquid handling systems, and are exceedingly popular for researchers Worldwide.

Orbital Motion 1.0 mm diameter, circular shape, constant everywhere on well plate. 0.5 and 2.0 mm orbits optional.
Speed 60 RPM to 3570 RPM, programmable. Resolution 14 RPM. Acceleration/deceleration in range of 0-10 seconds. 7500 RPM top speed optional.
Power Required 24 VDC, 200 mA. 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz power adapter included. DC power receptacle on end of unit.
USB Port USB 1.0/2.0 compatible. Supplied Windows driver makes the USB port look like an RS232 serial Com port, with identical specs as HT-91100 shaker. 6 foot USB cable supplied.
Base Dimension 3.350" (85mm) width, 5.030" (127.8mm) length
Microplate Platform Dimension 3.650" (92.7mm) width, 5.300" (134.6mm) length, centered on top of base. Secures a single wellplate with SBS footprint.
Height 1.215" (30.9mm) height from bottom of rubber feet to top surface of shaker table platform. 1.775" (45.1mm) height from bottom of rubber feet to the top surface of a standard well plate.
Weight 1.351 pounds (612.8 g)
Operating Temperature 0 F to 160 F  (-17.5 C to 71.0 C),  non-condensing, RH to 90%
LED Indicator Tricolor LED, green when at commanded velocity, yellow during acceleration or deceleration, red during home finding, on end of unit.
Serialization Each unit has unique electronic serial number.
Control Atmel AT89C51 microcontroller, 8-bit DA converter for speed control. 3-phase brushless servomotor drive, retroreflective optical sensor for shaft position, velocity reporting and home index. Controls are fully within the shaker enclosure.
Motor Hi-torque 3-phase brushless DC servo motor and drive electronics with eccentric in precision bearing. Four post vibration isolators. Planar surface motion.
Homing Automatic homing after each cycle stop. 1.5 second. Accuracy +-0.001" (+-0.025 mm) to same location. Homing can be command disabled or enabled.
Material Aluminum, nickel plated, stainless steel hardware, white polypropylene clips. Hi-phosphor nickel plating available.
Warranty Two year limited replacement warranty.
Certifications CE certified for laboratory equipment, RoHS compliant.
EAN Codes EAN 0700371289553: HT-91108-0.5
EAN 0700371289560: HT-91108-1
EAN 0700371289577: HT-91108-2

USB (Virtual Com Port)

You have full control of the shaker via the USB driver's virtual Com port. An ultra simple command set allows you to easily control acceleration, velocity, starting and stopping. Features include a precise home position every time the unit stops, electronically serialized units, text status output, an alternating dual speed mode with programmable seconds per speed, a timed mode, LED indicator and diagnostics. Use a common USB hub to attach mulitple shakers to your PC, each shaker has its own virtual Com port.

Virtual Com Port specs are 9600, N, 8,1 data. All strings terminated with <CR>.


Virtual Com Port Command Set

Axx      Set acceleration value in range 0 to 10 seconds.
B          Immediate, uncontrolled brake action.
C          Disable finding of shaft home feature.
D          Disable motor driver, motor will free coast to a stop.
E           Enable the finding of home feature after the motor stops (default).
F           Find the home sensor.
G          Go, start the motor, using set velocity and acceleration.
Hxx       Set acceleration in range 0-10 for Cycle 1.
Ixxxx    Set velocity in RPM for Cycle 1, range 60-3570.
Jxxxxx   Set time, in seconds, that Cycle 1 lasts, range 0-30,000.
Kxx        Set acceleration in range 0-10 for Cycle 2.
Lxxxx     Set velocity in RPM for Cycle 2, range 0-3570. Set to 0 if Cycle1 timed mode only.
Mxxxxx  Set time, in seconds, that Cycle 2 lasts, range 0-30,000.
N           Begin continuous cycling between the two speeds set in Cycle 1 and 2.
O           Enable status text automatically sent over RS232 after a change (default).
P           Disable status text sent automatically, nothing is sent.
S           Stop the motor using deceleration values, then find home if okay to use.
T           Test the reflective optical sensor that finds the home index mark.
Vxxxx    Set the velocity for the next motion, in range 60 to 3570 RPM.
+           CW rotation motion (default).
-            CCW rotation motion.
U           Begin daisy chain mode and re-order shaker units.
@          Preface character for daisy chain addressing.
(           Turn off usage of LED status indicator.
)           Turn on usage of LED status indicator.
!            Re-suspension protocol, breaks up stubborn sediment.
~           Request a response for every command sent.

Virtual Com Port Data Requests

?           Shaker sends this summary list of all available commands and simple descriptions.
?A         Shaker responds with A=xx, the currently set acceleration value, 0-10, seconds.
?V         Shaker responds with V=xxxx, currently set velocity, range 0-3570 RPM.
?R         Shaker responds with R=xxxx, measured speed value of the motor shaft in RPM.
Q          Request text status, unit responds with RAMP, RUN, STOP.
?W        Shaker responds with W=xxxx, internal commanded current velocity, RPM.
X           Shaker responds with the software version of the microprocessor, x.xx.
Y           Shaker responds with the serial number of the unit, A1234 (xxxxx).
Z           Shaker responds with model number, HT-91100.
$           Responds with a high speed data packet of status, commanded and measured RPM.

Sample test program to exercise all shaker features is available in VB. Source code is of course included for you to use as you wish in your own programs. A drop-in OCX is also available for your VB, C++ and .Net software development efforts.

We include a Windows based program for your PC to start using the shaker in moments.

CAD Views of HT-91108

CAD Bottom View


CAD Top View

Ordering Information

Standard Model:

Part Number: Model HT-91108-1, Microplate Orbital Shaker with USB Interface, 1 mm orbital motion
USD $1400.00 Quantity 1

Optional Models (no price difference):

Part Number: Model HT-91108-0.5, 0.5 mm orbital motion
Part Number: Model HT-91108-2, 2 mm orbital motion

Modifications Available per Model:

Containment Clip Material option: Standard polypropylene clip replaced with Delrin, polyethylene or nylon.

Containment Clip For Lid option: Higher clip design accommodates wellplate lid along with well plate. Let us know the model and brand of wellplate.

Increased Weight option: Handle loads up to 3 lbs. (1.4 kg).

Custom Shaker Platform: Tell us what bio-robot gripper design you are using and we will reconfigure the shaker platform to accommodate that gripper, generally at no charge.

7140 RPM High Speed option, doubles shaker speeds.



Accessory Items:

Part Number: HEAVYBASE, stainless steel block to solidly hold a shaker during full speed mixing. Used for prototyping or on your own custom platform to bolt down and securely contain a high speed shaker. Has rubber feet, finger grips for lifting. 9.0 lbs. $420.00 USD each

Certified for Laboratory Equipment

 Our shakers are RoHS compliant


Bare shaker view

Shaker with tall wellplate.

Bottom view and mounting holes.

HEAVYBASE accessory, shown with shaker.

What's In The Box

Box size: 9.5" x 8.0" x 3.25" (241mm x 203mm x 82.5mm).
Box weight: 2.49 lbs. (1.129kg).
One each Model HT-91108 Orbital Shaker
One each 6 foot USB cable, male A to male B connectors.
One each 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz power adapter, 24 VDC 1.5 A output, CE approval, US plug 6 foot cord
Paper copy of the Burn-In, Test and Certification
One each FlashDrive with PC Windows App to control and monitor the shaker immediately, also has all product line manuals, interface code, includes all source code in VB6.
One each FlashDrive with the Virtual Com Port driver required for interfacing the USB interface to a Windows PC.



HT-91108 Operations Manual in pdf format.
Shaker mounting drawing (jpg).
3D CAD Layout in IGES format.
3D CAD Layout in STEP format.
3D CAD Layout in zipped SolidWorks2018 format.

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