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For Connecting 1-16 RS232 Shakers To A Single Data Port
The Model HT-91100 Microplate Shaker with RS232 data communications is capable of being configured into a daisy chain mode. This mode directs the output of one shaker into the next shaker's RS232 input along the chain, and on and on for up to 50 shakers. The DAISYCHAINBOX provides all of this configuration wiring for you already for 1 to 16 connected shakers. Further, it allows you to use either an existing serial Com port on your PC to be the single control port, or you can use an existing USB port as the single control port. This means many shakers can be configured, run and monitored using just a single PC port. There are LED indicators that solidly flash in the presence of even tiny data packets, making any debug easy.


  • Connects 1 to 16 model HT-91100 serial shakers in a daisy-chain configuration.
  • Easily links multiple shakers to a single PC port.
  • Use either a single PC serial port or a single PC USB port to control all shakers simultaneously.
  • When using a PC serial port, a 24 VDC power supply adapter is included. Requires no external power adapter using the PC USB port. Power LED indicator.
  • LEDs for send and receive data stream indicators.
  • Expandable to multiple, linked, daisy chain boxes, up to 50 shakers on a single PC port.
  • Note: Only for use with model HT-91100 RS232 shakers.


This accessory easily and simply configures multiple HT-91100 RS232 shakers into the daisy-chain mode. Those specific shakers are capable of being linked together in a daisy chain loop, where data is passed along the loop, through each shaker consecutively, so they may be run and monitored simultaneously through one communication port.  When in this wiring configuration, a single command enables the entire set of shakers to communicate in a special manner, passing along data intended for a unique shaker addressed to where it sits sequentially on the loop. The DAISYCHAINBOX provides for this hardware set-up so you don't need to work with your own wiring, connectors and debugging.



DAISYCHAINBOX acts as central connection hub for all your shakers. Miniature DIP switches accessible through the top panel allow enabling or bypassing any shaker. This accessory makes for easy integration of multiple shakers in your automation system to all be accessed on a single precious communication port from your controller.

The control port on your PC, laptop, industrial controller or even Windows-based tablet can either be an RS232 serial port or a USB port. Many of the new PCs, notebooks and laptops don't integrate serial ports anymore, and you can easily use a single USB port to control all of the shakers at once. When using the USB port, a supplied Windows driver is loaded which creates a virtual Com port, and the shakers are accessed just as they normally are through the RS232 serial protocol on the defined Com port.

Control Port Use either an EIA RS232-C serial port or USB 1.0/2.0 port. The USB uses a Windows driver to create a virtual Com port, identical to the serial port. Both use 9600,1,N specs. Either port type then drives the shakers, which are configured by the user to enter the daisy-chain mode. The RS232 port uses a standardized 9-pin D-type serial connector for direct connection to a PC.
Shaker Interface Connectors Uses the existing RJ-11, 4-pin cable and connectors that come with each shaker. There are 16 marked 4-pin RJ-11 receptacles for 1 to 16 possible directly connected shakers.
Shaker Selection Any shaker connected to the daisy chain box can be bypassed or enabled into the loop using a miniature DIP switch. Shakers can be dropped in or out of the daisy chain loop without wiring mods for easy debug.
Power Required 24 VDC, 50 mA. 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz power adapter included. DC power receptacle on end of unit. External power is not required when using USB, power is derived from the USB connector in this case.
Weight 1.2 pounds (544 g)
Dimensions 4.70" (119.4mm) width, 7.40" (188mm) length, 1.46" (37mm) height
Operating Temperature 0 F to 130 F  (-17.5 C to 54.4 C),  non-condensing, RH to 90%
LED Indicators Green LED for power indicator. Two hi-intensity blue LEDs to indicate send and receive data transmission, pulse length extended so very brief data transfers are easily visualized.
Material Machined aluminum box, black powder coated paint.
Warranty Two year limited replacement warranty.
EAN Code EAN 0700371289584: DAISYCHAINBOX


Ordering Information

Part Number: DAISYCHAINBOX, Links 1-16 serial shakers in a daisy-chain configuration
USD $425.00, Quantity 1

What's In The Box

Box size: 9.5" x 8.0" x 3.25" (241mm x 203mm x 82.5mm).
Box weight: 2.36 lbs. (1.070kg).
One each 6 foot USB cable, male A to male B connectors
One 6-foot cable 9-pin D-type male to 9-pin D-type female connectors

One each 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz power adapter, 24 VDC 1.5 A output, CE approval, US plug 6 foot cord
One each FlashDrive with PC Windows App to control and monitor shaker immediately, also has all product line manuals, interface code, includes all source code in VB6.

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DAISYCHAINBOX Operations Manual in pdf format.
3D CAD Layout in STEP format.
3D CAD Layout in zipped SolidWorks2018 format.

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